ComputerVault Support Services

Advans remotely supports the ComputerVault it deploys and provides networking solutions for both the Local Area Network and a Wide Area Network:

  • Your Data remains on your site
  • Fail-Over for all applications, data and desktops
  • Offsite Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • 24x7 Monitoring and Support
  • Connect your remote sites using broadband Internet
  • Access your virtual desktop securely from anywhere

Advans ComputerVault deployments include all the hardware and software necessary to give your business the security and protection it needs.

Monitoring and Support

Advans remotely monitors and supports the ComputerVault on your site 24x7 from its Network Operation Center located in its corporate headquarters in Marlborough, MA. The support staff is located in Marlborough and in Advans’ Chennai India office.

Every ComputerVault has hardware and software redundancy built-in with local fail over capability. In the event of a hardware or software failure, all applications continue to run and all data is available. While it is located at your site, offsite backups may be automatically configured to send encrypted backups to Advans’ NOC. These encrypted backups may also be used to construct a Disaster Recovery site in Advans’ datacenter.


The networking capability of netPulz, is used to create the Local Area Network within your site. But it also can be used to create a Wide Area Network to connect your site to other offices you may have, the Advans NOC, supply chain partners and to provide remote access to your staff when they are out of the office.

A netPulz WAN may use any telecommunications circuit, but most customers use ordinary broadband Internet connections because all netPulz connections are encrypted. Staff may remotely connect not only to the corporate network and its applications, but also to their own Virtual Desktops while out of the office. Even when out of the office, they may work as if they are sitting at their desk. Corporate data and files never need not be removed from the office which prevents its theft and loss.


  • 100% Onsite
  • 100% Uptime
  • 100% Secure
  • Low Cost
  • Scalable