Managed Services

Advans provides a number of Managed Services that focus on remote IT Support, Cloud services and other services that are based on Advans netPulz technology.

IT Application and Infrastructure Support

With its NOC in Marlborough Massachusetts headquarters and its office in Chennai, Advans remotely monitors and supports the entire stack of IT infrastructure and applications. Our team provides 24x7 monitoring/alerting, 24x7 support, a Help Desk with local phone numbers, online ticketing, a customer knowledge base, real time reporting and auditing as well as historical reporting.

In addition to complete support, Advans also has developers providing customized software development, software customizations and reporting.


Using its netPulz Software Defined Networking technology, Advans deploys and supports Soft-Ware Defined Wide-Area Networks. These SD-WAN’s are used for site-to-site connections between a LAN and a Cloud as well as from LAN to LAN. As netPulz can use any telecommunications circuit, including broadband Internet, customers are no longer constrained in their use of dedicated circuits for WAN’s.

Additionally, netPulz Controllers can use multiple connections simultaneously to aggregate bandwidth and load balance and fail over between connections. In addition to physical network controllers, there are virtual controllers for cloud connectivity, Windows clients for PC’s and laptops and Android and iOS apps for tablets and smart phones.

Cloud Services

With netPulz, Advans has a number of Cloud specific services:

Virtual Private Cloud

A netPulz VPC guarantees that all connections to your network are under your control and you are isolated from the rest of the customers hosted in a public cloud such as Amazon, Azure, Google, Oracle, etc.

  • You Control Access to your Resources
  • Make your own virtual LAN in a Public Cloud
  • Eliminate breaches due to compromised neighbors

With your own VPC, network access is managed by your organization, and you don’t have to rely upon Amazon, Microsoft, Google or Oracle to secure access. All routing within your virtual LAN is under your control, which eliminates the threat of intrusion because a breach by a neighbor’s shared technology

Cloud Connect

With netPulz technology, connecting a LAN to a cloud with an SD-WAN is easy, secure and provides flexibility, as any telecom circuit, including MPLS and the Internet backbone can be used. With netPulz, our customers build networks using multiple telecom connections simultaneously making them more reliable, with the ability to add bandwidth incrementally as needed.

A netPulz Software-Defined WAN provides:

  • Bandwidth Aggregation, Load-Balancing and Fail-Over
  • Software-Defined WAN
  • Network Encryption

Like a VPN, netPulz provides encrypted tunnels across the Internet, with all the routing of capabilities of a traditional WAN. But because netPulz can aggregate the bandwidth of multiple telecom connections, with load balancing and fail-over, the Internet backbone can inexpensively provide all the bandwidth and application performance your users demand.

Advans has a white paper comparing a netPulz SD-WAN to traditional WAN’s at:

Cloud Migration

Advans has a Cloud Practice devoted to migrating physical servers, applications and data to the cloud quickly using netPulz. Our customers obtain worry free offsite backups and a disaster recovery strategy:

  • No servers to buy, replace or manage
  • Eliminate outages and have easy offsite backups
  • Lower your Total Cost of Ownership for IT

Advans’ netPulz networking appliance makes cloud migrations easy and cost-effective, without disrupting day-to-day operations.

Cloud Support

From our office in Chennai, Advans supports any cloud infrastructure 24x7 with a dedicated team and a Network Operations Center hosted in Advans’ Marlborough MA datacenter. In addition to monitoring and alerting, the Advans NOC contains an online ticketing system, network audit logs and a customer knowledge base.

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Using netPulz technology, Advans has a unique Disaster Recovery Service providing automated fail-over between the primary and secondary site. Because netPulz works at the network level, all netPulz Network Controllers may be programmed to automatically reroute traffic based on the availability of connections. So if a site, or an application goes down, end users may be automatically re-routed. Another reason why this is possible is due to netPulz’s ability to preserve the existing address space. This means that the same IP address can exist simultaneously for different applications and devices and netPulz can still route traffic successfully.

Preserving the address space in both the primary and DR site means that applications do not need to be recoded with new IP addresses, nor are any network modifications necessary. It is this feature that makes Cloud Migrations with netPulz easy and fast.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Advans has broken the VDI cost barrier so that its netPulz-based VDI is competitive with buying PC’s and laptops. Since netPulz requires no expensive software licensing and it is optimized to run on commodity server architecture, the netPulz VDI solution provides added security and other benefits of Virtual Desktops at the same cost of buying PC’s and laptops:

  • Lower Hardware costs
  • Lower Support Costs
  • Increased Security
  • Ability to quickly adapt to changing technology

Virtual Infrastructure

netPulz Software Defined Infrastructure virtualizes the entire IT stack from storage, to servers to networks and applications. The IT infrastructure is made available as services, and a netPulz Software Defined Infrastructure consists only of servers and switches. Deployed as a cluster on commercially available off-the-shelf hardware, storage and computing resources are added incrementally as needed, with the entire stack managed from an administrative console.


  • Cloud Based
  • Cutting Edge Technology
  • Technology Agnostic
  • Totally Flexible