Virtual Desktop Clients

Both Thin and Fat Clients may be used to connect to the netPulz virtual desktops. Thin Clients host netPulz software and Fat Clients host netPulz Software Clients for connecting to virtual desktops. All virtual desktops are accessible from both inside the LAN and remotely wherever Internet access is available.

Fat Clients

An existing PC or laptop can be used as a client by installing a netPulz VDI Software Client, which connects the PC or laptop to the virtual desktop from both the LAN and WAN when outside the office. The virtual desktop hosts all corporate applications, files and data. The Fat Client is used for Internet browsing, rather than accessing the Internet from the virtual desktop. This isolates the virtual desktop from any malware, spyware or ransomware safeguarding corporate applications and data from harm, while leaving corporate data on the corporate network safe and secure.

Thin Clients

Advans has a netPulz VDI Thin Client which is a small computer about the size of a deck of cards. A monitor, mouse and keyboard are plugged into the Thin Client and it connects the user to their virtual desktop. The Thin Client can also be taken out of the office, or a second one can be used, for remotely connecting to the virtual desktop when outside the office. The Thin Client also provides Internet browsing like a Fat Client to isolate the virtual desktop from malware, spyware and ransomware, protecting corporate data.

Transition from Fat Clients to Thin Clients

Customers that have existing PC’s and laptops can continue to use them as Fat Clients in the LAN and WAN for accessing their virtual desktops using our netPulz VDI Software Client. If a customer wants to later eliminate PC’s and Laptops, an inexpensive Thin Client can replace the PC for access to the existing virtual desktop. Any combination of Fat and Thin Clients may be utilized by VDI customers. Additionally, netPulz Software Defined Client may also be installed on employee’s personal devices for secure access to the corporate network. In short, you can phase out buying PCs altogether.


  • High Performance Onsite VDI
  • Fully Supported Onsite VDI
  • No Upfront License Cost
  • Low Cost Hardware Thin Clients
  • Free Software Clients