VDI Security

One of the most important benefits to virtual desktops is that they have much greater security for corporate data than do physical endpoints. In today’s world, every endpoint must be treated as hostile. Hackers are always one step ahead of any security measure. It is no longer a question of if an endpoint, i.e., phones, tablets, laptops and PC’s, etc., will be infected with malware, but when they will be infected.

Any virtual desktop offers the desktop in an isolated state. Additionally, recovery from a disaster or malware infection is both fast and easy. Since corporate data is stored only on the VDI servers, any lost or stolen endpoint devices have no effect on the organizational data integrity.

Endpoints, having no data stored on them locally, merely access the work environment, data and applications with a login. Access to the resources is readily available from inside the LAN and from outside the office in the WAN.

netPulz VDI Security

In addition to the security features inherent in any VDI deployment, netPulz VDI has a number of additional security features that are bundled into the netPulz networking technology:

  • Administration Console for support personnel to monitor and manage the entire VDI infrastructure
  • Built-in Intrusion Detection System
  • Built-in Intrusion Protection System
  • Firewall, Content Filtering, blacklisting and whitelisting capabilities
  • WAN connections are encrypted and no separate VPN is necessary for remote access
  • Every connection is whitelisted using an encrypted certificate and access authentication

Rapid recovery due to malware infection or disaster is made available by netPulz VDI desktop backup and offsite archiving. Affected desktops are deleted and replaced with a backup version made prior to the infection or disaster, at the click of a button. Real-Time delivery of new virtual desktops or their replacement eliminates loss of productivity or the vulnerability of corporate data to ransomware.


  • High Performance Onsite VDI
  • Fully Supported Onsite VDI
  • No Upfront License Cost
  • Low Cost Hardware Thin Clients
  • Free Software Clients